Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stonehenge - my last time wearing kimono in the UK

On July 22 we will be leaving UK for good. It's finally starting to hit me (because this move is turning out such a pain in a butt that I'm ready to pull my hair out) that in less than a week I will be living in the USA once again. Goodbye frequent trips to London, Europe and my UK friends. From now on, it will be lots of Facebook chatting and once again following each other on the internet.

One of the things I absolutely wanted to do before leaving England was to visit the Stonehenge, but as usual, I just never got around to doing it. Finally, I said to myself that I'm doing it and booked a trip there on July 4th. We were supposed to get there right at sunrise, but with the "great" British weather we had that day, we didn't even see the sun until much later in the day! Either way, I got to see the Stonehenge and walk around inside the circle.

When I was picking out a kimono to wear, I knew that I wanted something that would match my cowboy hat. That hat had traveled with me to Ukraine couple of weeks before, and I felt like it needed to go with me to the Stonehenge too. Plus, July 4th is the Independence Day in the USA, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to project a bit of my American spirit.
I think that Stonehenge makes a great backdrop for the kimono! I wonder if I'm going to start a trend now? ;P The photo above is my absolute favorite out of all the ones my husband took that day, and I think it might even make it as one of my business cards or even a postcard.
Goodbye, England! I'm glad that my last time wearing kimono here ended up mega epic and memorable!

~ Lyuba

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