Monday, December 12, 2011

Kimono de Jack UK goes to Frankfurt Christmas Market Again

On Saturday Kimon de Jack UK went to our second annual trip to the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market. I wore the same outfit that I wore few weeks ago to HPMSocial in London, and which I loved so much that I wanted to wear it again soon!.

The obi is the star obi from my Obi Lot of Doom that I got last month. I actually didn't realize that it was a fukuro obi!

My mom sent me this fur collar and the cape. I got the velvet gloves in one of the stores here in UK, and combining all of the accessories I felt very Taisho Chic. That is, until you see the whole picture and my very modern boots :) I am a firm believer that kimono really shines in winter time, when we can pull out all the fun accessories that we can't wear during any other time.

Of course a trip to Christmas Market is not complete without mulled wife, bratwurst, cherry waffles and chocolate covered fruits. I'm convinced that the guy in the background was fixing to steal my sausage!

 Not the most flattering photo of me, but it's proof that even Lyuba can be goofy when she wants to :P

We also visiting the lace exhibit at one of the museums. I honestly was expecting some traditional lace. I was up for a big SURPRISE!

Afterwords we went back to the market and took some more photos.

And finally, we went to chill at a cafe. We needed it after a whole day of walking around!

Do you have a Christmas Market in your area? If yes, do you ever go there dressed in kimono JUST BECAUSE?

~ Lyuba

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