Sunday, December 11, 2011

My mailbox was happy this weekend.

Hello Everyone,

Right before I went to Birmingham for Kimono de Jack December meetup, I checked my mail and guess what? I big box arrived from Yamatoku! I sent it by sea mail, so at this point I even forgot what was in there LOL.

Fancy obijime set. I was especially happy for the purple/gold one, but all of them will match something in my collection. :)

Obiage set. I won them separately from obijime set, but surprisingly the purple obiage matches the purple obijime perfectly!

This one is more ice blue, it reminds me of winter.

I love the detail!

See that gold leaf/print/not even sure how it's done roses? They are all over the obiage. It is so much prettier in person. I seriously can't believe that I lucked out and got it. I would say that this obiage is the star of my collection.

Ok, I have to say right away that I'm NOT planning on having kids. I'm collecting kids stuff because every time I do photo opps on base, I always get asked for kids kimono and I never have any. Not anymore! Here are two synthetic 3 year old girls' sets.

And finally, for my super-in-your-face-bright wedding furisode! Normally I stay away from these kinds of bright kimono, but this one was speaking to me. Not only it's red (and NOT orange), but it also has poppies! And I love that the design is printed instead of embrodered. This furisode screams Lyuba. Now I just need to find the right obi for it, which so far is proving to be a challenge :(

Have you bought anything new recently?

~ Lyuba

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