Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Arrived #3

Hello Everyone,

This week I got another couple of goodies in the mail.

First up is this nagoya obi. It is a little more purple in person instead of this wine color, but it is still gorgeous and I'm still in love! It's pretty soft and I think it might have been a chuya obi at one point, because the other side is metallic pink and has some subtle designs. Either way, I can't wait to wear it. :)

Now, I'm having an AWWWWWW moment over here, and it's all because of those tabi. I have to confess that I largely got this set because of those tabi. They are the cutest thing ever! All velvety, and red, and so TINY! I think this is for a 3 y. o. girl, too bad I don't have any friends near mean with a girl that age. I'm hoping I get to do some dressing on base again this year, so I could use all the kids kimono stuff I collected.

Have you got anything in the mail lately?

~ Lyuba

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