Sunday, March 25, 2012

My kimono storage situation

I'm testing out the official blogger app I finally downloaded for my iPhone. So here is my current storage. Don't be confused, I still have a lot more stuff that don't fit in there lol!

And just because I can, here is the picture of super cute girl's tabi that I got last week! They are so TINY!

- Lyuba


  1. How excellent! What do you do when you run out of room? I'm quickly losing space to put things... but then, I'm also in a small apartment. Although, I wear the vast majority of them at least once a year, depending on season and such. Eek!

    1. I ALREADY run out of room! :( :( :( See a little corner of the box on top of the bigger dresser? I have my un-wearable stuff in there, like uchikake and kids kimono stuff. With my wearable stuff, I rotate them between the dressers, and usually put all the thing I plan on wearing in the one with open doors, it's easier to take stuff out that way. Also, on top of all the packaged stuff in the bigger dresser, so I just open a drawer and have all my things on top.

      Before we leave UK though, I'll get myself another one of HEMNES (I think that's the ones), but I'll assemble it once we get to a new place in US.

    2. The black IKEA one? YESSS... although, I think in my situation, I need to go with the glassed-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves for all my crap. Not just kimono, although I could probably fit everything comfortably on one if I took everything out. (Why do I have two shiromuku? ... oh yes, I remember... Sagi Musume cosplay plans... oy.)

    3. Unfortunately until we get permanent home, I have to get stuff that are (relatively) easy to move :( :( :(