Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I hate rain!

Yes, I know I'm in England, but I think even those who are native to this country will agree that this "summer" we got a LOT of rain. I think the general idea is that we're compensating for a rather nice and dry winter with a FUGLY summer. It's all great and everything, and my garden seem to be finally growing properly, but it also means that I can't wear kimono as much. Sure I can grab and umbrella and kimono coat and still go somewhere, but I really don't want to bother. I'm still going to be wet, and now probably hot, AND the closest place to go for me is an outdoor mall. No thanks, I'd rather save me the frustration. 

On top of that, my cats keep bringing baby birds and frogs to the house every day now. And I don't even know where to release the birds (when they are still alive) because I have no idea where they got them. I have a general idea of where the frogs come from, but I can't get there easily so all I can do is hope that they get back there safely. I'll try putting bells back on my cat's collars and see how it goes. I took them off before because it was seriously freaking my cats out, but I'm kinda desperate now. 

Of course, now that I've started talking about my kitties, here are some photos for you. They are still adorable! 


  1. A freind of mine's mother said the same thing about Australia (She's British)at the momment with all the rain were getting, But for someone who grew up in drought this rain is a true blessing to me ^^ I like lazing around in my kimono at home, since i don't have much chance to go out in it ^^ DOing homework in Kimono right now XD Make a sloppy joe ensomble just for this purpose :D

    1. I wish it could work for me :( But I have extra loving kitties that love to show their love with their claws and I cook a lot. I need to go somewhere in kimono, otherwise I get a crazy case of cabin fever (housewife here).