Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I Wore for Travelling Kimono - London

Hello Everyone, 

While I didn't wear the Travelling Kimono this time, I was there in the role of a photographer. The weather was uncharacteristically nice (for the first half of the day) so of course I had to wear kimono.

I didn't wear my usual stripes, but instead went with one of my newest kimono, a summer weight purple hitoe kimono. I paired it up with my handmade reversible tsuke obi because the roses on the obi match kimono exactly. The blue and white obiage play off my haneri quite nicely, and the white belt as obijime seems to bring the whole look together. I actually  had a little trouble picking out the accessories, and I even posted about it the evening before, but I guess I always knew that I will go with my favorite white belt. On the morning of, the rest of the accessories sort of fell in place too.    
You can't see the shoes very well, but they have a plaid pattern too, similar to the obi. 
Hong and I went to the Westfield Stratford Centre to watch Magic Mike, and while waiting for our showing time, we also took cable cars over the river. I'm not going to post a lot of photos of her because I want to give her a chance to write up about the day, but here is a teaser photos. You can also see more photos here and here.
Overall, it was a great day. We watched the movie, we had fresh pretzels, we had lunch at Yo Sushi and took the cable cars for the first time ever. It did start raining right after our movie, and I had to get an emergency outfit to wear so I can hide my kimono in my bag, but Hong let me borrow her umbrella so I didn't get too wet during my 15min walk to my car. 
I'm hoping there will be more non-rainy days from now on, so I can wear kimono more often! 

~ Lyuba

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  1. Loving how you love the sun and the kimono in London. The cutesy sunflower detail on your white belt is also a darling and the kimono is very much gorgeous!:)