Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just Arrived #20

Today I've received two more packages with three kimono and one juban. This kimono is a gorgeous wine color and the one I'm most excited about! See, it's actually long enough to be worn traditionally. I can almost hear everyone saying, but Lyuba, you don't wear kimono traditionally! Well... sometimes I want to go back to my roots and do something different to what I'm doing now. It's awase too, so it will probably we worn sometimes soon.
This komon is another summer hitoe. After my very first one, I can't get enough of them!
 I simply fell in love with the olive green stripes on this komon, and in person they are even brighter.  I can see some great color combo possibilities with my hair color... ;P
Finally, I've wanted another ro juban with longer sleeves for a very long time because the one I have has shorter sleeves than most of my kimono. When I saw this one come up on sale, it knew it had to be mine. And look, it has the oh-so-coveted chidori too! I'm actually pretty indifferent to chidori, but I love every other design on this juban!
Have you gotten anything good in the mail lately? :)

~ Lyuba

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  1. I love the details on the ro juban. You'll look great in the wine coloured one :)