Monday, December 17, 2012

Going out for sushi

Yesterday I went to Cambridge because I haven't had sushi for a while. Of course, it also meant a kimono day! I didn't have much of an outfit planned, other than knowing which shoes I wanted to wear, so I just picked a kimono that I thought would go well with them. At the end, my whole outfit turned out to be even more monochromatic than usual.
The obi I'm wearing is the one that Hong gave me a while back. It has kitty paws and cat designs :)
Overall I'm pretty happy with this coordination, with the exception of the way I tied obiage. The top ones looks pretty sloppy, so I re-tied right before I went out. It's hard to see because none of the close up photos turned out, but you can see a bit in the haori photo.
As always, you can check the rest of the photos out in my Facebook album.

~ Lyuba

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